Tuesday, December 20, 2016

A Different Perspective

Someone recently left a comment on one of my blog posts that touched my heart.

She wrote, "The whole time while reading your story, I had that big lump in my throat. Eventually, I couldn't hold it in anymore and burst out crying. I can't even imagine the pain you went through, and yet you described it all so well that I felt it. I don't know how you manage to live with it every single day, and I admire it a lot. I have a little girl. She's a year and a half. I love her more than anything, and yet, to be honest, a lot of times she drives me crazy, and I feel like I can't take it anymore. Reading your story gave me the breath of fresh air I've longed for. Now I see it all from a different perspective, and definitely will be more appreciative from now on. Thank you so much."

Lily's legacy stretches far and wide. It never ceases to bless my heart to see how the Lord has used my little girl in ways I couldn't have imagined. For someone to treasure their living child in a deeper, richer, and fuller way, because of my girl and the fact that she is not here, touches this mother heart of mine.


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