Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Remembering Together Swap 2016

This year, I decided to participate in the Remembering Together Ornament Swap.

I took part once before, in 2012 I think it was, and haven't since then because honestly I was disappointed with what I ended up with. The ornament wasn't really "unique to Lily." I had also participated in a Christmas gift exchange for families touched by babyloss, in 2010, which turned out disappointing for me as well. This made me apprehensive about participating again.

Anyways, with the swap, hundreds of families from around the world make an ornament for another family, and also receive one. All the families have been touched by babyloss. It is a touching way to remember and honor other babies, while yours is remembered and honored as well. You give information about your baby and details about things that remind you of them. It's also a way to do something tangible for your baby during the Christmas season.

This is the lovely ornament that was made for me by a lady named Kimberly (Phara's mommy).

Here's a video I took to show the ornament all the way around.

And this is the ornament I made for Griffin's mommy, Jennifer. Sea turtles remind her of her guy. I loved being able to do this for him/her/Lily all at once. It was therapeutic to plan out the ornament, shop for it, and make it.

Here's a video I took to share Griffin's ornament all the way around.


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