Saturday, December 31, 2016

Our Tree

My family has been going on vacation to Massanutten in Virginia annually since my brothers were 2 (so for 30 years). That's my entire life. :) My grandparents got a timeshare there to ensure quality family time. Some of my most treasured memories throughout my life are from our vacations there.

Anyways, in October 2009, Lily got to go to Massanutten too when I was carrying her. My brothers and I went on a hike with our grandmother where we found a tree that we all carved our initials into. Each trip back to Massanutten now, we visit "our tree" and touch up our carvings. We went on a beautiful afternoon this week. Since '09, other family member's initials have also been added. Here are mine and my girl's initials (HR and LK for Hannah Rose and Lily Katherine). Side-by-side, of course. Sweet memories of her life. ❤️🌳 


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