Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Golden Sunrise

(my Uncle Tim shared this letter to me at the service in honor of Lily Katherine on Friday evening, March 26)

Dear Hannah Rose,
On Wednesday, March 17th, I dropped Thomas off at his bus stop in Waynesboro, as is our custom. I called Ellie to let her know we had a safe trip over the mountain. As I finished our conversation, I turned east on the Interstate, as I headed to work in Charlottesville. I am often blessed to see the sunrise over the mountains on my drive. It was a few minutes before the sun rose and I noticed a golden column of sunlight. As I drove through the mountains, I saw the golden column several times. When I crossed the top of the mountain, I could now see the sun in its entirety. I thought the brilliance of the sun would make the golden column disappear, but it didn't. The golden column continued to be positioned above the sun as I drove down the mountain. Perhaps this display could be explained by a slightly overcast sky. As a believer, I know I was seeing a host of angels lifting Lily up to Heaven.

We lift you up to your Father in Heaven. We pray for your healing and healing for your family. We will rejoice on the day you are holding Lily again in Heaven. The Lord knew she was too perfect for this world.

Love, Tim, Ellie and Thomas (my uncle, aunt, and cousin)

The drawing my uncle included with his card

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