Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Dear fourteen-year old,

I will try to find words to tell you these things...but words don't seem adequate. To tell you how much I love you, how much He loves you. For they are mere words. If only someone had told me these things, six years ago when I was fourteen... Why can't we learn from the paths others have taken and decide not to go there? Why must we take that same path to understand? Mere words cannot communicate what the hearts longs to. I just want to shake you, make you grasp the truth of who this King is. The reality of who He is has changed my life. It has transformed me from the inside out. True fulfillment. True joy. True love. You can have this too.

Dear girl. How precious you are. How I wish I could capture your innocence, your sweetness. And protect it, nurture it. The world tries to strip it away. Rob you of this priceless gift. Don't give it away. Hold on to it with all you have. Don't you know He adores you. He wants to hold you...protect you. Let Him.

What can I possibly say to make you realize? To show you that I've been there. You think I don't know. You think I don't understand. I was there. Not too long ago. I took that path that you're on now. Turn back. Run the opposite direction. The road you are on now leads to misery, destruction, heart break.

In your desperation, be desperate for Him. In your searching, search for truth. He will give you fulfillment. Boys never will. Friends never will. Slow down. Think about your life. Reflect. Let His Spirit speak to you. Let Him captivate your heart. I see Him longing for you, dear one. Oh, how He adores you. How lovely you are to Him. In His eyes, you hold true value. You would never have to question if you're enough. You say you need time to think. Just believe.

Perhaps you will never read this. Perhaps if you do, you won't recognize it's for you. Perhaps one day you will realize. But, when you do, if you do, I hope you know you chose the right path. I hope you didn't suffer through that misery, that heartache. These are mere words.

Dear fourteen-year old...this is for you.


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  1. All we can do is pray that God will whisper to her and that he will open her eyes and her ears. The rest is up to her. She is a smart girl with many caring cousins praying for her. I hope that she recognizes that her sin is separating her from the One who cares so much. And He hates to see her choose her own demise. & only faith in Him can remedy it. Ohhh Hannah, of such great faith :) I'll pray for her.


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