Wednesday, April 21, 2010

For all you butterfly mommies :)

This afternoon, it has been so dark and gloomy outside, raining on and off. I was feeling so down, so lonely, missing my Lily desperately. My mom and I started talking about mommies who have babies in Heaven and how special it is to think perhaps we will be able to raise our precious little ones on the streets of gold. Not many people get to do that! We will be perfect mommies, with perfect babies, in a perfect place. Always. I miss Lily every minute of every day, and I know if you lost a baby too and are reading know just how I feel. When my mom and I were talking about all our children together with Jesus, she remembered a card she's had for years. I like to think of the babies in the picture as all of our angel babies, playing together in Heaven...where there is always sunshine, always joy, life, love. Our precious babes are waiting for us there, where we all long to be. They are friends and they are giggling together in the fields of fresh flowers...they all have room around the throne of the King of all the universe. He holds them, talks to them, rocks them. He has tears and a smile as He tells them all that their little lives have done on earth, how much their mommies love them, and how all of us butterfly mommies are meeting and sharing in this journey together. He's taking perfect care of them until we get there to love on them too. So, mommies that have a baby in Heaven, like me...this is for you. I hope it brings a smile to your heart like it brought to mine. I hope you have some sunshine in your life today...oh yeah, and it's not gloomy out anymore. The sun, the breeze, the fresh flowers, and the rainbow are spectacular! :)

the inside reads:
"Babies are angels, sent on errands of love."

(I like to think of Lily as the little girl lying on the ground with dark hair...the one with the little boy tugging on her dress. She had lovely dark hair.)



  1. Oh I just love this post! It's very uplifting despite feeling so low all the time..if that makes any sense. I like to think that yes, we will always be perfect mommies and have perfect babies. :) what a wonderful thought! XO

  2. My Dear Kangel

    I take comfort everyday in knowing that your Angel Lily Katherine is at Gods side just waiting to reunite with her loving Mommy. She is one of the lucky ones, who didn't have to witness the worlds imperfections! Instead she waits, waits for her Mother to meet her again, and on that day you will have the rare and unique opportunity that most mothers will never get to experience! To raise your perfect Flower in the most beautiful garden Paradise!

  3. This post was quite encouraging, even to me. I just love the thought of imagining Jesus telling them about their sweet Mommies on Earth, and how much they love them.

    It's sort of strange to think that she is getting to hear about the love of her mommy from Jesus. Had she been here, she would be hearing about the love of Jesus from her mommy. How awesome!!

  4. This post will inspire me everday now. Knowing my little baby sister Hannah is up there waiting for m mommy and her family. Just to now my sister is up there playing with your lily Katherine in a golden flower paridise brings me joy! Keep going in knowing that your little girl is waiting for you and that your not the only one waiting to reunite with their baby.

  5. What a beautiful picture you have painted in my head of our babies around our Heavenly Father. Sometimes my vision gets blurred and I forget just how wonderful she really has it in Heaven. Thank you for this post. XO

  6. Oh I love that card!! I know that Carleigh is prolly having the best time up there!


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