Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Lost for Words Cardline

I discovered another great resource that I want to share. Fran from Small Bird Studios and Carly Marie from Carly Marie Project Heal have started something called Lost for Words Cardline. At the website, you can select the perfect card for someone who has lost a baby or is dealing with infertility. On the homepage, you will see the list of the many categories of cards offered. I have thought many times, if only they made cards specifically for babyloss, to be sold in stores across America and the world. Sadly, you won't find them unless you really look for them. I hope one day cards like this will be found at most stores. For now, I am so thankful for this wonderful resource! The cards are not just so-so either, but are incredibly beautiful and very well done. For the hospital care packages my mom and I are putting together in honor of Lily, I am getting some cards specifically for hospital memory boxes. For friends, I plan on getting some of these cards. They even offer cards for your children who are celebrating their birthdays in Heaven! I am ordering one for Lily to be stored in her memory chest. :) I encourage you to share this with your friends, as a reference for the future, if they know someone who suffers the tragic loss of a baby. It is a great thing to give someone when you are just lost for words and don't know how to let them know you are thinking of them. Whether the loss was recent or several years ago, I am sure they would be very touched and blessed to receive a card from someone, on the anniversary of their baby's birth or death. As someone who has lost a baby, I know how it makes a grieving mother's heart smile when someone remembers their little one.


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