Sunday, March 25, 2012

A Tiny Flower

My dear friend, Morgan, wrote a special post in honor of Lily's birthday on her blog. Morgan is a blog friend and also a real-life friend who I get to see on a regular basis. We love getting together and talking about everything, from our babies to her Minnesooota accent. ;) We enjoy quite a few good laughs together! I am so thankful for her sweet friendship and am so humbled and honored by what she wrote. Be sure to read the story of her precious son Marcellus and become a blog follower!

Morgan and I at Lily's 2nd Heavenly Birthday Balloon Release!

To many today is just March 16th, the day that comes after the Ides of March. But today, is a very special day. Today is Lily's 2nd Heavenly birthday. Who is Lily you ask? Lily is the beautiful daughter of my dear friend Hannah Rose.

I met Hannah Rose at group. She was at the first meeting we attended. Since then we have messaged each other on facebook, swapped blogs (her's is a lot nicer looking and fancier than mine!), texted back and forth, gotten together outside of group and really become friends. She is an amazing mother to know. She is an incredible witness to the Lord and I look to the strong faith she has as guidance for myself. You should really check out her blog "Rose and Her Lily" and read her testimony. She's pretty amazing :) Her post today in honor of Lily's life is very beautiful.

Today I want to honor Lily on her special day. Today I want you to know how special, beautiful and amazing this little girl is. She has changed the lives of many without even taking a breath on this earth. I never got the chance to meet or see Lily, I didn't know Hannah Rose when she was pregnant, but that doesn't matter. I feel like I know Lily. I know her through her mother. I can only hope that Marcellus is living on as much through me as Lily is through her mommy.

I wish I knew Hannah Rose for other reasons. That our children were part of the same play group or we were in a mommies exercise class together or something. But this is our reality. Our little ones already in Heaven waiting for us. And although this is the circumstance I met Hannah Rose under, I am very blessed to have her and Lily in my life.

I just know Marcellus and Lily found each other in Heaven. They probably found each other before their mommies even met. They definitely have taken part in building this friendship Hannah Rose and I have. Not too long ago Hannah Rose came over and we shared our children's things. She showed me many of her favorite things of Lily's and I showed her all of Marcellus's. I really felt like a mommy then. It felt really good.

Tomorrow I have the privilege and honor of partaking in a balloon release for Lily. I'll also get to see her scrapbooks her mommy has been working so hard on. And yes, you read that right...scrapbooks, plural. Lily has 2! Because she is so loved and special.

About a week and a half ago friends of ours were able to visit Marcellus. They asked if we wanted them to bring him something. I like him to have fresh flowers. I am usually not too picky about what kind he gets. But I had an idea. He needed to have lilies! Even though it was a week and a half before Lily's birthday, that's what made me think of it. He needed lilies for his friend Lily. Here's a picture my friend sent to me of that night. Look at that sparkly snow! It was gone the next day, but don't the vibrant lilies look so beautiful against the pure white snow? When my friend sent the pictures she labelled them Marcellus_Lily. It really touched me to see their names together like that. My Marcellus and Hannah Rose's Lily, together.

So today dear Lily Katherine, we honor you and not only your time here, but your legacy that lives on.

"A tiny flower, lent not given, to bud on earth and bloom in Heaven." 

Dear Marcellus, I know you have wonderful friends in Heaven with you. We all wish you could be here on earth with us, with your mommies. I hope you and Lily have fun together. Does she watch out for you? Does she maybe act a little like a big sister to you? Although your time here was too short, you are both such a gift to this world. I miss and love you so much baby boy! xoxox



  1. I love this post, so very sweet. I often think our babies are playing together in heaven. Happy that we have found each other and are encouraging each other to press on and serve Jesus. I am going to visit Morgan's blog now. I made a slideshow for Jonathan I would be honored if you would watch it. I posted it Fri.

  2. Actually it's pretty much just you making fun of my Minnesooota accent!

    And to Hannah Rose's readers, I would love for you to come by and read about my sweet baby boy and what it's like for me to be his mommy. Plus I have a pretty sweet new layout thanks to Hannah Rose!


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