Tuesday, March 6, 2012

NMU Plaque arrived!

This past weekend, I got something in the mail that I wasn't expecting. Well, I was, but I didn't know exactly when it would be arriving and it wasn't on the forefront of my mind. I got Luke Shiloh's plaque from the National Memorial for the Unborn! Isn't it beautiful? I also got the copy that will be placed on the actual memorial wall that I will place when I go visit in the near future and have Luke's special service. :-)



  1. So wonderful, thank you for speaking out and encouraging mothers to remember and love their baby's.

  2. It is beautiful! What a nice surprise to get it this weekend.

  3. Just what John said when I asked if he liked the name Luke. "It means bringer of light."
    "Well, guess that's appropriate...he is bringing light to us out of darkness."

    It's a beautiful plaque.

  4. I hope you dont mind if we share your plaque and article link at the Womens Bible Cafe? We are completing week 7 of Surrendering the Secret and would like to encourage other mothers to remember their unborn children

    1. Hi, Christine! I don't mind one bit. In my sharing, I hope other women find peace and healing. You might like to read other ways I've chosen to honor my Luke Shiloh here:


      And here is my list of post-abortion resources:


      Many blessings,
      Hannah Rose


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