Friday, March 23, 2012


The new Pro-Life movie, OCTOBER BABY, comes out TODAY!! It is very powerful! Lives will be saved, hearts will be changed, and hurting people healed. The storyline is similar to the real-life story of two precious friends of mine. 

In order for films like OCTOBER BABY to continue being made, audiences need to be willing to see it in theaters. Movie industry success is based on how well a movie does on its Opening Weekend. For OCTOBER BABY, that means what happens this Friday through Sunday, March 23-25, will determine if the movie has an extended run in the theaters where it's opening and if it will expand to other theaters around the country.

I ask that if you have time this weekend, take your friends and family to see this in theatres. And be sure to stay through the credits, which include the real-life testimony of actress Shari Rigby. Also, share it on your own pages and blogs. You can purchase your tickets early at You will be blessed by it!! Thank you :-) 



  1. I'm so excited that this movie is finally here.It has such an important message

  2. Ok, Hanna I will try to go Sunday, I did not realize how important it is to see a movie in the theater we never go like EVER. I would love to support this movie, I got my movie I am so excited to see it. Thanks you sweet friend.


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