Wednesday, February 4, 2015

A Dream Come True

A dream I've had for a long time recently came true.

After Lily died, I struggled with not having taken professional high-quality maternity photos. Her life and death has taught me that each moment in life is a precious gift and tomorrow is not guaranteed. She has inspired me to not watch moments just slip by and to capture the beauty in life's sacred moments on camera, both for myself and for others, and to dwell on all the lovely things in life.

It is because of Lily that I got a nice Nikon camera and have taken many photos for others, documenting growing families, engagements, weddings, among other special moments in life. I want to capture moments that people will never get back.

I also obviously have a heart for the unborn and for pregnant mothers. So, I have had the idea for a long time that I'd like to take maternity photos for young mothers who have chosen life, mothers who need to be honored for their choice, mothers who may not be able to afford high-quality maternity photos.

Just recently, I took photos of a young mother who was about to welcome her child into the world. I want to capture those sacred moments for young women and offer them this priceless gift because they need to know that their pregnancy is a sacred time in life and their baby deserves to be celebrated. Each life is precious and created by God.

I also want these mothers to have something I will never have of Lily and wish with all my heart I had; beautiful photos capturing one of the most beautiful times in the life of a woman. Whether their baby never draws their first breath, whether they live until they are 90, or whatever may happen, I never want them to look back with regret, wishing they had taken photos, thinking they didn't have and deserve the very best.

God gave me the opportunity to share with this young woman a bit about my girl and why I do what I do, which was a huge blessing for me.

Beautiful Lily Katherine - your life and legacy continues to make a huge impact! And I love being your mommy.

See the full photo by clicking HERE


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