Saturday, February 28, 2015

Memories of Her Moving

It seems to be a popular thing these days for people to take videos of their pregnant belly with their baby moving for the camera. Each time I see one of these videos, I get sad thinking about how I wish I would have taken videos like it when I was carrying Lily, especially since I never got to see her move outside of the womb.

Here is an example of what I'm talking about (because it's Jill Duggar and she's a "public figure," I don't feel creepy sharing someone random's video lol).

When I saw this video, it brought back a flood of pregnancy memories of what it's like to have a sweet babe growing away inside. It's hard to describe, but sometimes the memories seem so far away, but then something, such as this video, will bring them to the surface, and if I think deeply enough, it's almost as if I can feel her moving again. The not-so-gentle kicks and punches from my active baby girl. I miss her sweet movements so much.

When I start to get sad because of the things I don't have, I try to be purposeful in being thankful for the things I do have. It was such a gift to go fullterm in a pregnancy! There is truly nothing in this world like feeling your baby moving in your belly and bonding with them through all those months. I can sometimes hardly believe it actually happened to me! But, it did. And it was a gift. A precious, precious gift that can never be taken away. So many women long to experience pregnancy, but can't because of numerous different reasons. I was given that gift. Even if I never get to be pregnant again, I have those memories. I had that experience. I have a daughter. And I am eternally thankful.


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