Saturday, February 14, 2015

Meeting Baby Rachel's Mommy

Thursday was very special because I got to meet for the first time *in person* one of my dearest friends, who I first connected with online because of our precious baby girls in Heaven, Lily and Rachel, both born in 2010.

I started reading Stacy's blog (one of my favorites - Baby Rachel's Legacy) a few years ago and we became friends through that. I look up to this amazing wife and mother of six in so many ways! Her Non-Profit, Baby Rachel's Legacy, helped make getting Lily's stone a reality.

Stacy and I live many states apart, but she was traveling through my area, on her way from New Hampshire to Florida, and we were able to work it out to meet! She also hopes to stop and see Lily's spot in Virginia on her way back home. I got to meet her husband and kiddos too. Her kids are so sweet and cute. Stacy was so dear when telling them that I was Lily's mommy, Lily who is with their sister Rachel in Heaven. I was able to share some of Lily's things with her (like her foot and handprints and snippet of hair), which was really special. It's one thing to see these things online and an entirely different thing to see them in person and know her tiny (yet big for a newborn) hands and feet actually touched that very paper and the outfit, hat, and blanket actually once touched her perfect little body. Stacy noticed how Lily's hair is the exact color of mine.

It was so strange to meet "in real life..." I was like "you're real, not just a picture!" lol.

What makes this meeting extra sweet is that last month I started praying that the Lord would one day make it possible for me to meet her in person. I had no idea it would happen so soon! He delights in giving good gifts to His children. We also happened to meet on my half-birthday (yes, I celebrate those) and I joked that it was all in celebration of that. ;)

Lily's life continues to bless me in so many ways, even bringing me some of my dearest friends.

Stacy and I holding our sweet girls' blankets

Drinking coffee (and hot chocolate for the kiddos) at Starbucks

With Stacy and her adorable daughter

With two of her bundles-of-energy boys

Our "us-ie"


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