Thursday, February 26, 2015

It Makes My Heart Sing

Since I first shared Lily's headstone on my blog, as well as a post with ideas and inspiration for someone who is ready to honor their baby with a headstone, several people have contacted me asking for the name of the monument company who made her stone and some wanting help with the design for their own baby's stone.

It is such a gift to me each time someone reaches out in this way. Just this week, I have received two emails regarding this matter. I consider it a compliment. In one of the emails, a woman wrote, "I saw your website and the design for your baby's headstone and I have to say that I think it one of the most beautiful headstones I have ever seen." Wow, how touching.

For someone to think Lily's stone is lovely enough that they want to work with the same company makes my heart sing. I love knowing others find it beautiful, as I do. It truly feels as if God gave me the inspiration and design ideas. And He led me to the company that could make my vision a reality.

I was discouraged for years because I didn't know how I would pay for a stone for Lily and because I had no idea what company to go with. Who could I trust? Who wouldn't charge an arm and a leg? Who would go above and beyond to make sure I was pleased and that Lily was honored in the best way possible?

I didn't want a "cookie cutter" stone where you simply choose a pre-made design and fill in your child's information. Not that there is anything wrong with those stones, but I knew I had a specific design in mind. I wanted it custom-made. As I searched the internet high and low, I couldn't find a single company that could make the stone I was longing for in my heart.

At one point, I found a company in Tennessee, I believe it was. I inquired with a man who worked there and he assured me he could make it happen. I was not pleased with how unprofessional he was and he didn't even seem to know what he was doing, to be quite honest. I didn't know if I could trust him with the precious plans for my baby girl's forever stone. I felt hesitant... and for good reason. He kept trying to impress me and before long, I discovered that he was trying to hit on me, a single young woman in my early 20s... Like seriously, you have got to be kidding me?! For a man to hit on a woman who is designing her baby's headstone is beyond me. Needless to say, that didn't work out.

So after that experience, I was hesitant to try again. I had no idea what direction to go in to find a reputable stone company and was disgusted by the experience I had had.

That's when I found the company while googling one day, across the country, located in Seattle, Washington, that would end up making Lily's stone. I was impressed with the entire process, from start to finish. I liked what they had on their website and after talking with the lady on the phone, I knew they were the company I was meant to choose. I plan on sharing more of my experience with them in a blog post soon.

Anyways, I feel like passing on the name of this monument company is a way for me to reach out to other grieving parents, to save them from the grief of working with a low-quality or unprofessional company. To help them have a pleasant experience and to get exactly what they have in mind.

If you are looking for design ideas for a headstone, I would be honored to help you. Also, if you think you are ready to purchase a headstone for your baby, I would be happy to pass on their information to you. You can email me at


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