Sunday, December 27, 2015

Christmas Is Proof Light Wins

The following is something I wrote on Christmas:

I walked into my kitchen tonight to get a glass of water. The lamps were off, but the light from the moon was noticeably bright.

 Peeking out the window, my eyes squinted because of the brightness of the beautifully round and full moon. Finding my phone, I looked online and discovered there is a full moon on this Christmas night, for the first time in 4 decades, the first time since I've been alive. The fact that I could see the moon at all with how cloudy and rainy it's been lately is incredible.

All day I've been in such pain missing my daughter. As I stepped out on my back deck to see it more fully, it was as if God whispered these words to my heart... "I am brighter than any dark night of your soul." And the peace and hope I've been searching for flooded through my entire being in that moment.

Christmas is a reminder that darkness does not win. And the same God who is so awesome and powerfully HUGE that He created the moon I'm gazing upon, still nearly too bright for my eyes to look into directly, even all these thousands of miles away... that same God is not too big to cradle my tiny daughter and my heart. I love her with all I am. But He loves her more. Christmas is proof.


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