Saturday, December 5, 2015

Angel Tree

Each year in Lily's honor for Christmas, my mom and I take part in something such as Operation Christmas Child (which is what we did in 2012 and 2013). You can read a post I wrote about that by clicking here.

Then last year, we gave towards a gift for a baby shower my friend Stacy was hosting for a high-school student, which you can read about by clicking here (I actually just published this blog post today because I never got around to sharing it before now, so if you want to read it for the first time follow the link).

This year, we chose to be part of the Angel Tree Program through The Salvation Army.

We can't shop for our own little daughter/granddaughter who would be 5, but we can pour love out on another 5-year-old girl. So whoever you are sweet child, I pray your Christmas is a bit brighter... because of Lily.

with the outfit we selected for a sweet 5-year-old girl

John 3:16 was on the card... the same Scripture reference on Lily's stone because her birthday is 3:16 (March 16)

On another note, I found some photos and a video of my grandmother and I at Lily's special spot last December sharing about her stocking, so if you'd like to see those things, you can see the updated post about her stocking by clicking here.


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