Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Lily Lake

I can truly say that some of the best days in my life thus far were spent while at Ellerslie this fall.

One of those days was on September 5th when our class took a trip to Lily Lake in Estes Park, Colorado. As my Aussie roomie described it in her lovely accent, it was the "best day evah!" ;)

me at Lily Lake showing my "Lily" tattoo next to the "Lily" sign... I wore my shirt with lilies on it :)

Part of what made it stand out was how it tied back to another precious day back in the fall of 2011... I was at my Basic Ellerslie Semester and had been there for about a week. I was disappointed that I wouldn't be able to attend a candlelight service or do anything special to mark October 15th, which is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day, a significant date to me. At that point in the semester, nobody knew about my Lily yet.

Jesus truly cares about the smallest details of our lives and about showing us His love. I had no idea that He had that entire day planned out. We ended up going to Lily Lake that day. And I was able to share the story of my little flower on the car ride on the way back to campus and why it was special to not only go to Lily Lake, but also on that particular day. That's a treasured memory.

Now fast forward to this year and my Advanced Ellerslie Semester. If you've been reading my blog for a while, you know that I am a big "dates person." I remember like every date for everything. September 5th was the date I wrote in an email 6 years ago to my friend Bex that I felt God had revealed to me I was carrying a baby girl named Lily. God had whispered to my heart, when I was still in my first trimester of pregnancy, that my baby was a girl and that her name was Lily! Her gender and name were never any question in my mind. I simply knew from the start because God showed me.

He knew everything that would happen between that date in 2009 and that date in 2015. He knew how He'd give me her name that year and then take me to Lily Lake this year. And September 6th, the next day, was Stillbirth Remembrance Day. I was able to share yet again this year on the car ride home the story of my Lily because the gals asked me to. I also played for them Lily's song. I can't explain what a gift it is for me when others want to hear her story. It was dear beyond description and such a time of fellowship with sisters in Christ. Jesus was near. Two days at Lily Lake 4 years apart and a reminder from my precious Lord how much He loves me and how He never forgets my girl, her life, her purpose, her legacy.

with the gals I spent the entire day with
from left to right (Angie, Lissy *they were my 2 roomies,* Stephanie & Olga)
we had fun hiking and picnicking with the other students
on top of the mountain 

Lily Lake is literally breathtakingly beautiful. Here are some photos I took that day on our hike and walk around the lake...


We spent time in downtown Estes Park... shopping, a stop at a coffee shop, and dinner. During this entire day, I kept thinking how special it was and how I knew I would look back on it with fondness. God is so good to me, to bless me with such amazing sisters in Christ, to take me on incredible adventures where I get to see more of the country and His beautiful creation, and where I get to learn more about Him and share my little girl with more people.

I am so undeserving of the life He has given me...

the sunset in Estes Park that evening before we left


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