Saturday, March 5, 2016

Much-Needed Light

This past week, we had a few gorgeous and sunny spring-like days, in the 70s with blue skies. I spent quite a bit of time sitting on my front porch, working on my schoolwork.

Anyways, there is a little girl who lives next door who always comes over and stands by the porch and talks to me. She loves our cats and is just so funny with how she strikes up conversations. This week, she told me she is 5. One of her little friends from up the street came over to play with her and they were both over in my yard, even coming up on my porch, talking to me.

Out of nowhere, the little friend says, "I was born in 2010." I can pretty much tell from looking at little girls when they were born around the time Lily was. But, when she said this, it took me by surprise as I realized if Lily were here, these might be her friends. If Lily were here, I would have a little girl this same age not calling me "Hannah," but "mommy."

Children are precious and innocent. When I'm around sweet kiddos, it makes me miss being a nanny. They bring much-needed light into the world. It made me realize what a gift and blessing my niece is going to be to me. A few people have said she is going to be healing and I am seeing that more for myself. I am eager to meet her! It's impossible not to feel cheered up around a precious child and I thank the Lord for any opportunity He gives me to be around them.


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