Friday, March 4, 2016

A Poem from Her Great-Grandmother

Bumma (my grandmother) wrote Lily a poem for her 6th birthday. An 84-year-old woman remembering her great-baby-granddaughter. How sweet is that!

She is so cute... she has an iPhone and can operate it at a basic level, but it takes her a loong time to type things, so she took a photo of the poem written out and sent it to me. That works too haha. Don't ask me how I can decipher her writing though. ;-) (By the way, Bumma, I would like the written version to keep).

For my precious great-granddaughter, Lily Katherine - March 16, 2016

Your first home - your mommy's tummy
Safe, secure, and sheltered there
Covered with LOVE by your family
Above and beyond that - the LOVE of the Lord

We may never understand
Why your second home was not Earth
In a wisdom beyond our own
Heaven was to become your second HOME

You never drew a breath on the Earth
Going straight into Your Father's arms
Never suffering pain that Earth can bring
Sadly, leaving all of us behind

Our arms are empty, but not our hearts
Hearts breaking because of our loss
Hearts assured that you'd made it HOME
Heaven - for most of us our third HOME

You, Lily Katherine, skipped home number two
Leaving us perplexed and overwhelmed
But, with the HOPE of the Lord
We're on our way

On our way - fighting the fight
And running the race
Laid out before us
As we're headed HOME


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