Sunday, March 6, 2016

The 3:16's

Lily's birthday is March 16 (3-16 like John 3:16). I've spoken many times about how I know this was not mere coincidence, but God speaking through Lily's life and birthdate His promise of everlasting life for all who believe in Christ.

I have talked about the other 3:16's throughout Scripture with family and we even went through and looked them all up.

A while back, my friend Stacy wrote the following message to me about this topic: "I wanted to tell you that in church on Sunday, our pastor had us read 1 John 3:16 (not John 3:16) and he said, "I love the 3:16's in the Bible. If you ever want to know what's important to God, just read the 3:16's." And I teared up thinking about you and Lily. She is so precious to Him!!!"

I love that 3:16 makes others think of my little girl too! :) I am going to print all the 3:16's from Scripture to keep in Lily's cedar chest.

I came across this online and thought it was perfect for this post



  1. It is perfect! I never thought about reading all the 3:16s. Remembering your Lily <3


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