Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Birth Guesses

A sweet memory I have from this time 6 years ago is how friends and family gave predicted birth guesses for Lily, from the day she would be born, to the time and her weight. 

The people I asked for guesses were my immediate family, the ladies at my baby shower, and friends on Facebook. I am thankful to have everyone's guesses documented in Lily's scrapbook. What a happy memory! Each date that would pass, we would say "so and so wasn't correct!" My brother, Joseph, had guessed her birthday would be February 29th, but then changed it to March 1st when he realized 2010 wasn't a leap year. I thought that was funny. :)

It's interesting to look back now, knowing the answers: March 16th at 4:24 p.m. and 7 pounds 9 ounces.

My mom's friend, Ruby, is the only person who guessed the correct date. It was funny when she shared her prediction and asked what the prize was for guessing the closest. I jokingly asked her if that was the only reason she was participating, in hopes of a prize. She responded: "The prize will be getting to hold her the first time the winner sees her. That is enough. Ooooh, aaaaah, she is so cute, oh look at that little nose, oh her fingers are so tiny, look at those cute little feet, she looks just like her granddaddy Chuck. hahahaha." 

I imagine looking back on that now would be funny, because Ruby's guess was correct, and she would have gotten her "prize." Instead of holding and meeting her, she and her husband attended Lily's Celebration of Life Service... Her grandson was also born in March 2010. She has been my mom's good friend since they were 5! Their grandchildren would now be the age they were when they became friends. How special it would have been to have grandchildren growing up literally at the same time. Instead, they both did have grand babies born the same month, but one is now almost 6 and the other is a forever baby, buried in a cemetery in Virginia.

Oh, and there's my guess... March 12th. Now that's the date I believe that instead of her being born into this world, she was born into Heaven. That's when the sciatica pain started and it felt as if she was floating in my body. Maybe somehow deep down God gave me that date, knowing that's when she would be with Him for always.

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  1. Hi Hannah (and Lily)! What a sweet memory that you have of her!!! It breaks my heart when you refer to your/her baby shower. That is the reason that I am not for Baby showers before the baby is born...there could be that slight chance...and I am SO sorry that this happened to you. Baby showers before the baby is born is not that common in Canada, but they are coming a bit more common. My SIL had one for each of her babies (I think?) before her babies were born, and I was a little surprised...but it was mainly bc she was moving, and her friends gave her one when she was visiting the city that she used to live. Anyway...I love hearing about you both (well, you three :)). Luke is my brother's name..and one of my nieces is named Lilah (his daughter), so it's similar. Hugs to you all for this next week!!

    1. Thanks for your comment and for caring to read about Lily, Luke, and I... I am actually really happy that I was able to have my baby shower before Lily was born. I had another one planned a couple months after Lily was born, with friends and family in another state, and am sad I didn't get to have that one. My shower was an only-happy day, full of sweet memories to look back on. Memories I treasure now. If it weren't for that shower, I would not have the red-velvet tradition now on Lily's birthdays. I think every life deserves to be acknowledged, celebrated, and embraced completely, no matter how long they live. That's why I will announce my pregnancy early in the future (if I ever have another baby). Because I realize there is no "safe zone" and anything can happen. Even after birth, there are no guarantees.


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