Tuesday, March 1, 2016

PAIL Awareness Cloth Diaper

My brother and sister-in-law are planning on using cloth diapers for my niece.

Kala stumbled upon this diaper (it's for Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness) in her "research" and sent me the link. She said she wants to get one for Lily's cousin. :)

I think it's special that something like this exists, that Kala found it, and that she wants to get one because of Lily. 

This new baby girl is going to grow up knowing about and loving her big cousin. :)

And it's neat that a portion of the proceeds from the diaper goes towards remembrance necklaces for loss moms. Kala requested one for me.

This is what the gal who makes the diapers wrote on her website: "This diaper is very meaningful to me, I wanted to create a design to remember my twin that I lost and to offer it to mommas that lost their little ones. Part of the sales for this diaper will go towards a remembrance necklace for mothers to have. I know first hand it doesn't fix things, but it's something to keep close to your heart to symbolize the love you have for the baby that was lost."

If you cloth diaper or know someone who does, consider getting one of these HERE.

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