Saturday, March 12, 2016

The Sweetest Profile

I will always wish I had more photos of Lily to share, instead of posting the select favorite few over and over.

I wish I could have seen how she truly looked, without the sad and tragic effects of death.

I wish I had professional and high-quality photos.

What I really wish is that I could share photos of almost-6-year-old Lily today. I wish I could have taken thousands of her bright eyes and smile.

But what I do have, I am incredibly thankful for.

I am grateful that a couple NILMDTS volunteer photographers edited the photos I have to make them look their best.

There are actually quite a few photos that I've never shared here. And I'm feeling the desire to share them.

So, here is one that you've never seen, of the sweetest little profile ever. Look at that little nose! I can tell it was taken shortly after she was born because of the hat she is wearing and how she's wrapped in that white blanket.

I guess I have a few "new" pictures to share after all.

in black and white

and in color



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