Friday, August 5, 2016

A Peaceful Exchange

This video is worth taking the time to watch. It shows a respectful and calm exchange between a man who is pro-life and a woman who is pro-abortion. The man clearly shows much of the pro-life position in a short time. He also shares the Gospel. I think it's important that we know how to clearly and confidently share the Gospel and explain our views on abortion (and all subjects).

I do want to mention that I don't necessarily agree with every method used (e.g. using signs that talk about murder in front of an abortion clinic). I know that's a debatable subject which I don't want to go into depth at this time, but I think women need to feel love and support and I for sure would not feel that from someone yelling and holding a sign about murder. How about instead, holding a sign that says "we are here for you," "Jesus loves you and your baby," "we want to help you," "can we pray with you," or something along those lines.

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