Monday, August 8, 2016

August 2009 Series ~ Precious Feet Pin

The month of August 2009 is when God intervened in my life and radically altered my life, through my unborn baby, my darling Lily girl. Each August, I am flooded with memories of His faithfulness, in both the huge things and the smallest details that He used to speak to me. I like to share the blog entries about that time each August to share of His great love and faithfulness. I will call the posts the "August 2009 Series."


In August 2009, when I was facing an unplanned pregnancy and still unsure as to whether or not I was going to go through with an abortion, I was staying at my aunt and uncle's place housesitting/petsitting when I stumbled upon something in their kitchen/dining room area.

There on the counter, like it was waiting for me, was a precious feet pin. The little feet are scaled to the size and shape of what an unborn child's feet look like at 10 weeks gestation. At the time I found this pin, I was around the exact same gestation - 10 weeks. It was right around the time of my 20th birthday on August 12th.

the exact feet I found on that summer day in 2009 - now in Lily's scrapbook

Looking back, I firmly believe know God put these little feet right in my path for me to find. I mean, what a "coincidence" that I found this pin when I was that exact gestation! I don't even know whose pin it was or where it came from. I am going to tell my aunt about finding this little pin at her home and how it impacted me (my grandmother suggested I tell her. I didn't realize I never had until she mentioned it).

When I saw these feet, it was like it made it all the more real to me... I was pregnant. I already had a baby growing in my womb. She already had the tiniest, most precious little feet ever. It helped my mother heart to connect to my little baby's heart. My little Lily.


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  1. My sister is pregnant and a local pregnancy center has been amazing to her. Today we went for her first ultrasound and they gave her one of these...

    It was SO powerful!

    She's known she would always keep the baby.
    However, people can be less than kind.
    But to go to a clinic, not be judged, prayed over, shown her baby for the first time and given a special little token.

    No ones words can bring her down now.

    It is bittersweet. I've been married 11 years and have yet to carry to term.
    But I'm so happy that little things like this are made.
    They are so meaningful and so helpful.

    Blessings to you.
    I've been a long time reader.



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