Wednesday, August 24, 2016

My Niece Visiting My Daughter

My niece, Harvest, visited Lily's special spot for the first time this past weekend on a visit to Virginia... One cousin in the earthly realm and one in the spiritual. It was entirely bittersweet. This is the only way Harvest can "visit" Lily. I sure hope she grows up thinking about her, talking and asking about her, and loving her. I know there will be many visits here through the years. 💕

My sister-in-law Kala telling Harvest about Lily.

My brother Joseph, Kala, and Harvest.

Harvest seemed to like the bright colors and Lily's stone. :)

Joseph telling his daughter about his niece/her cousin.

Notice her butterfly shirt worn in her big cousin's honor. Bumma gave the shirt to me to give to Harvest. :) I want one just like it - the butterfly, ruffles, and color are beautiful.


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