Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Luke's Heaven Day 2017

February 6th was Luke Shiloh's Heaven Day.

All I wanted to do was curl up on the couch and watch movies.

Instead, God had something else in mind for the day. His plans are always much better and much more life and light-giving.

My Bible study leader, Terri, invited my mom and I over to her house in the afternoon. I brought some refreshing drinks over and we sat in her parlor and talked. I felt free to openly talk about my memories and experience with these two women who harbor no judgement against me, only compassion and love. They gave me room to share, when sharing is what I needed. They encouraged and uplifted me and reminded me of God's redemption and grace and how He has brought Himself glory and me good out of that regretful choice.

Then, we went to eat dinner at one of my favorite restaurants, Ruby Tuesday (the salmon there is ah-mazing!). My mom said we were celebrating Luke's life.

After dinner, mom and I went home and watched Arise Sweet Sarah, something I have done the past 2 years on February 6th and want to make it an annual thing.

The day itself was gorgeous, with blue skies and sunshine, and spring-like temperatures.

It was a different day than I realized I wanted or needed. It's honestly difficult to know what to do on such a day when nothing feels quite right and yet doing nothing feels wrong. This was right. God knew and He scripted it in such a way that brought my heart encouragement and healing.


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