Tuesday, February 14, 2017

A Second Heart

"Your memory beats inside me like a second heart."

Happy Valentine's Day, my sweet Heavenly Valentine! ❤️

My mom wrote this beautiful poem for me in Lily's honor for Valentine's Day 2011:

By Ginny Allen, Lily's grandmother

In my daughter's womb, grew her gift from above.
We readied a room, for her wee one to love.
On our merry way rejoicing, to a glorious celebration.
Expecting our flower’s arriving, Jesus' tears hid the sun.

God had bid her go before we said, "Hello."

Goodbye budding life. Goodbye shattered dreams.

Goodbye precious babe lying still in our arms.

Goodbye sweet nursing and soft cries.
Goodbye to rocking and lullabies.

Goodbye wonder and curiosity.
Goodbye to kissing who you would be.

Goodbye to hearing "grandma" and "ma-ma" too.
Goodbye to discovering wonderful you.

Goodbye snuggling you to our hearts.
Goodbye tore our lives apart.

Goodbye to our pure Lily Katherine.
Goodbye ‘til we meet you in Heaven.


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