Sunday, February 12, 2017

Normal Mom Moment

My mom and I were celebrating my Half-Birthday today (I am 27 1/2) and had some delicious donuts at Duck Donuts (chocolate, coconut, and peanuts, oh my!) :) The cashier who took our order noticed my Lily tattoo on my wrist. She smiled and told me her mom's name is Lily. I smiled back and told her my daughter's name is Lily. She went on to say one of her coworkers who was there working that day has a daughter named Lily as well. I love when people notice my tattoo, and when I can talk about Lily. I call these the "moments where I feel like a normal mom." They come few and far between, but they are ever so precious to my heart. She may have died, but she is still my daughter, and I still want to talk about her. She is so much more than dead. ❤️



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