Friday, February 10, 2017

When Stores Turn Green 🍀

I know Lily's birthday is getting close when the stores start turning green. When St. Patrick's Day items stock the shelves, I know March 17th is nearly here, and that means Lily's birthday, March 16th is too. That holiday and the color associated with it will always remind me of Lily, as it was one of two days in this world I held her, and the day I left the hospital without her. 🍀

I recently noticed this cute shirt walking by the children's section at Target. If Lily were here, I'd imagine she would like St. Patrick's Day, with her birthday being the day before, and that she'd like to wear St. Patrick's Day things. I also imagine her being a crazy cat lady in the making, like her mommy was a crazy cat kid too. This shirt would have been perfect for her. :)

I'm not one for sugary cereal, but when I saw this at the grocery store last night, I just had to get it because it reminded me of my mid-March baby girl.


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