Monday, February 27, 2017

Lily's Upcoming Birthday

If you can't tell, I love having Lily Katherine's name written in all different ways all over the world, especially in the sand.

Some of the many ways her name has been honored in the past 7 years

Lily's name was one of the only things I could ever give her, one of the only things that's hers. It speaks of her existence and value. Dignity is in a name. Beauty is in remembrance of the person behind a name.

Lily's 7th birthday is in a couple weeks. Would you celebrate her life with me by honoring her name and writing in in any way you can wherever you are in the world? Or even taking a photo of a sign, store, etc. with her name?

It comforts my mother heart when I see that not only is she not forgotten, but she's actually remembered by *many, many people.* Her impact is reaching the farthest corners of the globe, in places I will most likely never travel. But she is getting to. 😌

My email address is roseandherlily{at}gmail{dot}com. 💕🌷🎈🌸 


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