Saturday, January 12, 2013

Born Still

I came across this beautiful poem and thought I'd share it here...thinking of my beautiful Lily Katherine and all babies who were born still...

By Linda Kay
Bittersweet Farewell/SHARE

I am not sure I understand.
Is is it a babe who is born in the hush of a morning's breath
before the birds begin to sing?
No, this is not stillborn though we would like it to be.
It is babe, who is born so quiet, so still, that the angels hush
their rustling wings to hear if he/she will not draw a tiny breath?
Perhaps this is very close, but surely, means more.
Born still in the arms of God.
Born still in the full knowledge of God's love and power,
His glory and grace.
Born still to us, BUT alive to God!
Surely this is still born:
No death, but Eternal Life, No Sorrow, but Everlasting Peace,
No separation, but Communion FOREVER with God!
Yes, now I understand,

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