Sunday, January 6, 2013

Lily's Prayer Flag on Christian's Beach

A few months ago, I shared Lily's Beach Prayer Flag that my mom and I made to send to Carly Marie in Australia to be displayed at a Remembrance Ceremony there on October 15th - Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day. She was accepting Prayer Flags in honor of lost babies from all over the world and ended up receiving hundreds! 

On October 15th, she wanted to photograph them all together at the special service that was held on Christian's Beach (where Lily's and Luke's names are written in the sand), but it ended up raining. Then, after that, it has been really windy there. With the wind and because of the sheer number of flags she received, it has taken Carly Marie a while to photograph all the names. She ended up taking some of the photos of the flags on the beach at sunset, but some of them, including Lily's, she has taken photos of them by candlelight on the beach. It ended up being too difficult to take the photos as she originally intended, but I still think it's beautiful! And it makes me happy to know Lily's little flag made it all the way downunda. :) 

If you remember me posting about Lily's Prayer Flag, then you may remember that it was mailed with Morgan's son Marcellus's Prayer Flag. I thought I'd share a photo of his beautiful flag hanging as well.

Carly Marie, these photos are gorgeous! Thank you for loving the babyloss community in such an amazing way. It's been so special to see all the beautiful and creative handmade flags made with love sent from around the world to be displayed in honor and remembrance. What a powerful thing to behold...



  1. So amazing to see Lily and Marcellus's flags on the beach! I'm glad she got to do something special with them even though the weather didn't cooperate. Been anxiously awaiting any sort of updates about Morgan and Ethan, but still nothing. :( Do you have any new news?

    1. Morgan and Mike have started a Caring Bridge page where they post updates about Ethan nearly every day to keep everyone informed:


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