Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Dreams for 2013

I just wrote my "Reflections on 2012" post a couple days ago and decided to now share some of my dreams for the new year. I believe God has big plans for each of us in 2013!

A bright and beautiful butterfly to symbolize the bright
and beautiful new beginnings the Lord has for us this year :)

First of all, I really want to participate in the annual March for Life in Washington D.C. this month - for Sanctity of Life Month (which is every January). The March is always held on or around January 22nd, the date that abortion was legalized in America. The March this year will be held on Friday, January 25th. This year is the 40th anniversary of Roe v. Wade and I think it will be really powerful to take part in it now. My friend Rachel and I will probably be going together which should be quite the memorable adventure! My mom may also go. There are plenty of people around the country who would love to participate in the March and since I don't live very far from D.C., I figure I'll take advantage of that! I have wanted to go for the last couple years, so am really excited about this. As long as the Lord works out all the details, I will be there! I will be marching with the Silent No More Awareness Campaign and will be holding an "I Regret My Abortion" sign. After the walk, I will be sharing my testimony with many people in front of the Supreme Court! If anyone is able to come participate in the March, let me know - I would LOVE to see you there! :) We cannot remain silent for the unborn or the men and women affected by abortion! Jesus, this is for Your glory. Lily and Luke, this is in honor and memory of you. I WILL BE YOUR VOICE!!

This month, I will be starting a Post-Abortion Group Bible Study at a local Pregnancy Center. I pray the Lord reveals any hidden things buried in my heart that need to be brought to the surface. I want complete freedom and healing and I know that is what Jesus desires to give each of us.

I hope to get Lily's headstone ordered and placed this year! As I have written about before, this is very important to me. It is a beautiful way to honor her life and prove to the world, SHE WAS REAL AND IMPORTANT AND I LOVE HER!! I am just trying to find the place that will make her stone the exact way I want it for an affordable price. You know something I was thinking about...with the logic that some people use, since Lily never lived outside of my womb, she was not a real person. She was just a "fetus," or "tissue." Well, if that's all she was, then what exactly is buried at that cemetery in Virginia? Why does she have a name? Why am I getting a headstone as a memorial? I think it is just another testimony to the beauty of LIFE to have a headstone for her and to prove to the world that unborn babies are precious and valuable to God!

In May, I hope to make a trip to Tennessee to the National Memorial for the Unborn to have Luke's Remembrance Ceremony and place his name plate on the memorial wall, as well as place Lily's brick paver in the memorial garden there. I have been wanting to do this for over two years! On this trip, I will get to meet my amazing new friend, Brittany!

I have felt the Lord leading me for a while to get involved in a local Crisis Pregnancy Center, but it hasn't felt like the right time until now. This year, I will be pursuing that. I am not sure what I will be doing there, but I trust the Lord to open up the doors and reveal all the specifics.

I am also working on launching a new website that ministers to Post-Abortive men and women. It will be called "Be Their Voice." As of right now, it is set to go live on Luke's 4th Heaven Day - February 6th. I will be sharing stories of men and women who regret their abortions, ideas on how to honor and remember an aborted baby, and many Post-Abortion resources. I will also be sharing ideas on how to be the voice of aborted babies, by sharing our stories in different ways. I have done several hours of research myself and thought of different ideas, so why not organize it all in one place to bless others?! God is giving me a new vision for Post-Abortive ministry and cultivating different dreams in my heart. I am excited to see what He does!

I will be donating hospital comfort boxes to the hospital where Lily was born this year! This has been a long time coming. Since this is something I like to do in honor of Lily, I am also praying about something I can do in honor of Luke and all babies who have been aborted. Whatever it is will be a part of the new website. I hope to be able to make something to honor their lives for free to Post-Abortive men and women.

This year, I would love more opportunities to share my story and heart for unborn life and those affected by abortion and unplanned pregnancies...both in speaking and writing.

Of course, these are all my dreams and God may have different things in store. I trust that He knows what's best and His dreams for my life are better than my own. :) What I truly desire is to know Jesus more this year and to be faithful in whatever He asks of me.

It is always a little hard for me when one year ends and another just feels like I'm moving farther away from Lily and Luke. I know some people are so ready for the year their baby died to be over, but when 2010 ended, I remember how sad I felt. Because for the rest of my life, 2010 will be "Lily's year." And when it ended, it felt like I was moving away from her. It still feels that way with each new year that rolls around, just different.

Every year, I literally could never plan or predict how God is going to move. So, we will see what the "Reflections on 2013" post contains in 12 months from now! Jesus, this is all for take my life and let it be all for Your glory!

What are you dreams for the new year? I pray we each fix our eyes upon Jesus and that He will accomplish His Kingdom work through us...

This is an excellent article called, "13 Questions for the New Year."

This week, I am on vacation with my family, staying at a cozy little log cabin. I am thankful for the time to think, pray and just be. It is a refreshing time. Happy New Year, friends! :)



  1. Such beautiful ways to remember.... <3

  2. I so wish I could go to Washington too. One day I will! I can't wait to hear how it goes for you! I am just so excited that you are getting to go. I hope your Mom goes too!

    I also can't wait to see your new website. And what a great idea to launch it on Luke's Heaven Day! I am sure that you will find something to make to honor Luke and help other men and women in remembering their babies. Have you ever thought about handstamped jewelry? With the baby's name or date or something and just put on a string. It is very affordable and simple, but a great way to keep them close and remember them.

    I am sorry that some people don't view Lily as a baby. You know she was. She was your baby. And if the same thing had happened to those people, they would realize.

    I can't wait to hear all about the things you are working toward this year, the group, serving at the center, honoring your babies. How exciting!


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