Friday, March 15, 2013

Lily's Headstone is Ordered!

I am thrilled to share that I just made the initial deposit on Lily's headstone, which means it's official that her stone is now in the process of getting designed and created! :)

I have been wanting to do this for literally three years, as it is extremely important to me to honor her precious LIFE in this way. However, for different reasons it hasn't worked out until now. I will share more about that at a later time. If you have read this blog for a while, you will know how much this means to me.

I am so thankful that God led me to a monument company that is dependable, high-quality, and friendly. They will make sure her stone is exactly as I picture it and it will be the only one just like it in the world, specially crafted by a sculptor in her honor.

I had hoped it would be ready to be placed by her birthday this year, but it is exciting that the order was placed right before her special day! (which I planned and waited until today to make the deposit...I wanted to do it on her birthday, but since it's on a Saturday, the company isn't open that I got it as close to the day as possible.) I am so excited to see it by the summertime and to have a permanent monument that says Lily Katherine was a real, important, special someone who is very loved and missed. Her LIFE is of value, as each life is who is created by God.

I am so ready, eager, and happy to begin this process and see how her beautiful stone comes together. It will be tiny and sweet, just like her. :) I will share more about how her stone will look when I get drawings from the Monument Company...for now, I will tell you it includes a lamb, a rose and a lily. And it is sooo darling!

There is something so strange about being 23-years-old and having to buy a headstone for my child...

I will share more at a later time about what having a headstone for Lily means to me...

It is the night before Lily's birthday. My best friend sent me this text: "May God give you sweet dreams of His loving presence and the healing power of Jesus on this night. He is close to the brokenhearted. I love you." ~Kala



  1. It is so great that you are getting to do this! So happy for you! It is sad that we have to think about things like death, headstones, and memorials, but I am so happy God is working things out for you!


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