Sunday, March 3, 2013

Lily's Brick Paver at the National Memorial for the Unborn

Someone from the National Memorial for the Unborn sent me this photo of Lily's brick paver! It is now ready and waiting for me to come and place it myself - hopefully in early May when I am planning on taking a trip to Tennessee for Luke's Remembrance Ceremony. I appreciate them sending me a photo of it so I can see what it looks like.

I chose to include her beautiful name, birthdate, and "Forever Pure," which is what she will always be. Her name means "purity and innocence." I am thinking of using that phrase on her headstone as well.

Here is a photo of me walking on the path in the Memorial Garden at NMU where Lily's brick will be placed. I visited there for the first time on Mother's Day 2011. But, I didn't have the brick and name plate ready to be placed at that time.

Here is a little peek into the garden.

NMU is such a beautiful and special place! I am really looking forward to my trip this spring. :) If you have had an abortion or a miscarried/stillborn baby, I highly recommend looking into honoring your child at this sacred place.


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