Sunday, March 17, 2013

St. Patrick's Day

To most people, St. Patrick's Day is just another holiday and a time to wear green and pretend to be Irish even if you're not.

Thank you for this photo, Catherine! :)

To me, this holiday is the day I left the hospital without Lily. It was the day I last held her in my arms and had to leave her there and drive home with an empty carseat. I remember a lady who worked at the hospital came into my room with her green hat and shirt. I hadn't even realized it was St. Patrick's Day until I saw her in her was the furthest thing from my mind.

I have been seeing St. Patty's Day stuff in stores for the past couple weeks and each time I see these things, they remind me of my girl...

Anytime I hear about the holiday or see anything associated with it, my mind goes right to her. And I think it will always feel that way.

It was one of the only two days in this life where I got to hold and spend time with my first-born, giving her enough hugs and kisses to last a lifetime. Today, I was remembering what this day held three years ago...

Here are Lily Bear and I wearing our green today, in honor of my almost-St-Patty's-Day-baby!

I got this adorable St. Patrick's Day skirt form T.J. Maxx for really cheap! I couldn't pass it up a few weeks ago while I was shopping because of course it reminded me of Lily. It's perfect for her bear. :)

I also got these St. Patrick's Day socks at Target to wear in honor of Lily today! Missing my mid-March baby girl!



  1. In my heart, this year St Patrick's day was different for me, I thought about you and your Lily... <3

  2. So sweet. I Love the ways you honor her.

  3. I love the little Tutu you bought Lily's bear, it is adorable! I know this time of year is tough. Love you!
    Big Hugs!


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