Thursday, May 5, 2016

Dreams of Lily

The mother of a childhood friend of mine shared a beautiful dream she had a few years ago about Lily.... 

This is what Mary wrote:

"I want you to know that several years ago, I had a very vivid dream where I saw little Lily in it. Sorry it has taken me so long to tell you. I dreamed that we were all in Heaven and I was taking your mom to see Lily. Your mom and I were in this beautiful old house where she was busy homeschooling and I told her "time is no more and I have come to take you to see Lily". We left and entered this beautiful pastoral setting where about 100 yards away stood little Lily with an angel holding her hand. I always cry when I see this in my mind's eye. Hannah, she was so beautiful..... She had a head full of beautiful blonde curls and was wearing a light blue pinafore. She was probably about two-years-old then in the dream. As your mom and I started to walk towards her, my alarm clock went off and woke me up. Hannah, I just wanted to tell you how happy and peaceful little Lily was in Heaven in this dream. It appeared the angel lady was taking good care of her. If I could paint, I wish I could convey to you exactly how I saw little Lily standing beside the angel lady. The color palette would be soft light blue, yellowish blonde, and mixtures of cream colors. I believe God has saved this for me to share with you at this time. It was such a beautiful dream about Heaven and your precious Lily." 

This is the second dream (that I can recall) that someone (besides me) has had about Lily. It makes it more special that the two people that had the dreams were people I wouldn't expect to, which clearly shows me God sent the dreams. And both people who had the dreams saw Lily looking similarly. 

Because Mary believes God saved it for her to share with me now feels like a bouquet of flowers from Heaven for Mother's Day...

Since I'm on the subject of dreams, I want to share the other dream my friend Kate from Ellerslie had. I just realized she told me about her dream at Mother's Day as well, in 2012. She also sent me lilies, which was sweet as can be. :)

This is what Kate wrote:

"I have thought of you often since being home, and have continued to check up on your blog pretty frequently, but was still surprised when I had a dream about you a few weeks ago.

It was short, and was one of those dreams that truly feel like a dream because it was so peaceful and beautiful. You and I were just sitting in chairs next to each other in a living room somewhere. And Lily was there. I don't remember you or I saying a word to each other, we just smiled and laughed and watched Lily. She wasn't a baby, she actually looked like the just barely two-year-old that she should be. All I remember is that she had really sweet wispy blond hair, and gorgeous blue eyes. And I knew she was Lily; she truly did look just like a little mini you. It seemed so completely natural that she was there with you, as she would run playfully around the room, and then straight back to you again. She was absolutely beautiful, Hannah Rose, and she definitely knew that you were her momma. That was pretty much all, except that right before I woke up, she looked up at me and smiled, and from that moment I knew that I was supposed to remember this dream and share it with you. 

It made something I had remembered reading on your blog very real - that while she only got to be a little Lily-bud here, she is most definitely blooming with life in Jesus. That even when little hearts seem to stop on Earth, they never miss a beat in the Heavenly realm. What I feel most strongly when I think of it is that - Lily is alive. Vibrantly alive. And that you are mother to an adorable, blond-haired, blue-eyed, Lily, and little Luke too, and you always will be. Even though you're missing them now, Eternity awaits."

I like to think that when Lily smiled up at Kate in the dream, she was smiling down on us from Heaven. A smile that says, just wait until you get Home. You could never imagine how beautiful it is...

I also want to share the dream I had about Lily in July 2010, when she would have been 4 months old:

This morning, I awoke with tears in my eyes and such a heaviness weighing down on me. Waking up to a world where she isn't makes my heart ache because my dreams consist of a world where she is. A very real world. With a very real little girl. Last night, I dreamed of her. And you know those dreams that you can feel and it feels so real and you can see and what you see is so vivid? Well, it was that kind of a dream.

And I'm wondering if my dream means something, or if it's just my heart, my soul, my everything, longing for the part of me that's missing. 

We were at a party with a lot of other babies and there she was. All of a sudden, she had gotten so big and I remember feeling sad that I didn't have pictures of her when she was smaller. I immediately knew it was her, even though somehow I didn't feel like I knew her because I hadn't seen her for a while, yet deep down I did know her. She had on a shirt that said, "Ginny" (my mom's name). Don't ask me why, but it made sense in my dream. She looked just like my mom as a baby, who looked just like me. She had curly, blonde hair and soft, blue eyes. I looked out of the enormous glass window at the beautiful scenery while she played with the other children. We were leaving, walking to the car. I felt the weight of her in my arms. She's getting so heavy. I look down at her little face, smushed up against my chest, her floppy body fast asleep. She was so trusting. She knew I would take care of her and cause her no harm. I took her to the car and placed her in the driver's seat. Kneeling down next to her in the pebble driveway, I stroked my fingers through her soft hair and kissed her smooth, pale skin. I thought to myself, "I thought she was gone?" But, here she was in front of me. I just watched her sleep. I drank in her presence. She fell backwards across the seat and I went around to the other side of the car to pull her up. We drove along an old, rugged road, just me and her. There were no yellow lines winding along as we drove mile after mile, gazing at the lush, green meadows in the distance. She was asleep. I was driving. And things were okay."


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