Monday, May 2, 2016

Sea Creature Baby Shower

This past Saturday, my mom and I threw a baby shower for my sister-in-love, Kala (once my brother Joseph saw the food, he too decided to stick around). ;) It turned out to be a beautiful time of sweet fellowship with dear friends. 

Yes, the baby shower is about everyone coming together to bless Joseph and Kala with gifts for their baby. However, to me, the day was about celebrating my niece's life. That's what I was focusing on. I shared last week about how I was finding it difficult to prepare for a baby shower, when baby showers are a touchy subject for me. But, I can honestly say God carried me through and gave me joy in preparing. 

Someone recently said to me that they think baby showers should be thrown after a baby is born, because you never know when and if something tragic might happen, like what happened to Lily. I actually think the opposite. I am so thankful to have the precious memories from my baby shower. I am thankful that I have those pictures and that we had the shower on Valentine's Day with red-velvet cake. Without having had my shower, I wouldn't have the special red-velvet tradition each year on Lily's birthday. I am thankful for every memory and every small thing that I associate with Lily and my pregnancy. So throwing this baby shower was about celebrating my niece and her beautiful life.

On the day of the shower, Kala was 38 weeks and 2 days gestation, so she is getting close to her due date. I jokingly said she needed to get past the date last week where she and Joseph took a birthing class and the date of the shower. Now that we are past those two dates, baby girl is welcome to be born. ;)

Here is the beautiful new mother on the day of the shower, surrounded by the decor. :)

These were the baby shower invites, which the entire shower was based around. Kala mentioned a while back that she likes things with sea creatures, so when I was contemplating what theme to make the shower, I thought that would be perfect. My mom, Kala, and I all aren't big on the typical "baby-ish" type showers. We wanted it to be sweet still, but unique and beautiful. I especially love the colors and watercolor look. I found a lady on Etsy who designed the invitations.

To honor cousin Lily who couldn't be there in person, but is always there in our hearts - some lilies, baby's breath, and her name in the sand photo. Doing things like this helps her feel included and my heart ache a little less.

Front porch decor.

Some of baby girl's cloth diapers on display at the shower. They are planning on using cloth diapers.

Food and decor.

Food table.

"Beverage station."

A seahorse that I got for the shower to also be used in the nursery.

The cupcake display table. I used my maternity Willow Tree and mother and baby Willow Trees that have been given to me as decor. Kala mentioned how she likes tulips, so I was glad I was able to find some.

More of the sea creature theme. This one is a watercolor turtle print and there was a seahorse watercolor print on the mantle. Both of which will be used in her nursery. :)

Cupcake toppers with chocolate cupcakes and cream cheese frosting... What the pregnant lady wants, the pregnant lady gets. ;)

These are the little favor bags I put together, each with a different scented candle and some baby shower candy inside. 

Rather than silly games, we had more sentimental activities that will make sweet mementos for Joseph and Kala, possibly to be used in a scrapbook! The ladies filled in blanks for Scripture verses about children (that was my mom's idea), and then filled out birth guesses and wishes for baby. It will be fun to see who guesses the closest. We did that at my shower as well, which is why I wanted to do it.

Shower gifts.

Kala opening one of her gifts.

We're happy she's almost to be born and she will be a happy baby! :) Most of the decor I got can be used in the nursery or kept for future parties.

Here is the lovely group of ladies who celebrated Kala, Joseph, and baby girl. These ladies are near and dear to our hearts!


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