Sunday, May 29, 2016

The Bleeding Heart

Some family friends named the Kirchmans gave me a bleeding heart plant at Lily's Celebration of Life/Memorial Service in March 2010.

I remember when they first gave it to me thinking that the little pink hearts were a powerful reflection of my bleeding mother heart. My heart that bleeds both love and sorrow. And how perfect that hearts remind me of her and my Valentine's baby shower.

We planted the bleeding heart in Lily's memorial garden and each spring around her birthday, it blooms.

Unfortunately, I didn't see it blooming this year... I checked several times to no avail. Perhaps the rain made the blooms fall off before I was able to see them, I don't know. I must admit, it was rather disappointing because it is something I look forward to each spring. I'm praying it comes back next year and for many years after that.

Here's a photo of the blooms in spring 2015.


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