Thursday, May 26, 2016

The Lily, Stimulating Our Hearts Towards the Lord

My friend Sarah wrote me the following message a while back that I am now getting around to sharing: "I was thinking about you this morning! I am doing a paper on literary symbolism and I am researching the term lily and thought that you would think this was interesting. "The fragrance of the lily makes snakes flee because the scent stimulates the heart" and in the story I am reading, a woman named Lily brings new life and love to a man who is dying of loneliness. I was also thinking about how the lily represents the Gospel in stimulating our hearts towards the Lord and away from the serpent."

Wow, this just blows me away! My Lily's name was so beautifully ordained and given to me from the Lord. And she was used to stimulate my heart towards the Lord and away from my sinful lifestyle/the enemy's schemes in my life. My Lily brought me new life.


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