Wednesday, May 4, 2016

My Mother Love

As I'm missing my daughter like crazy this week leading up to Mother's Day, here are some words I wrote about a year and a half ago that I am reminding myself of:

Can a mother's love be comprehended or explained? Is Lily's value found in her days that were numbered few?

No, I don't love her because of anything she did and she doesn't have value for living a long life or for accomplishing something remarkable in the eyes of the world. I love her for simply being who God created her to be. He created her to live her days in the safety of my womb. She lived no more days than she was purposed to and no less days. She is valuable simply because she is HIS. She was crafted by His hand, in His very image. She's a masterpiece, His masterpiece!

A little girl who never opened her eyes to see this world has opened my eyes and heart to see what's truly important in this world. God has taught me more about selfless love, grace, the redemption of Christ, and the sanctity of human life through a little girl who never spoke a word or took a breath than anything else in this world. Lily changed my entire life, my heart, and my future. Her life is sacred because she was created by God and He has given her life great purpose! No striving on my part to get others to recognize her value will make her any more valuable. Simply by existing, she matters. And I can rest in knowing her value doesn't change depending on what others think of her. My love is no less real even if people don't understand.

It was a gift the Lord gave me when He opened up my heart to love her as much as I do. And because of how much I love her, I miss her with that same great measure. The grief, in turn, is also a gift, for even that points to the sanctity of her life and each life, no matter how brief.


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  1. Hello Hannah!

    Just wanted to let you know that your sharing of your and Lily's story has helped me to be more understanding of the woman in my life who also have children in heaven. It has given me ideas on ways to bless them and encourage them and remember with them. So thank you for sharing!

    Happy Mother's Day to you! For indeed you are a mother.

    ~Sarah H.


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