Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Handmade Mother's Day Cards

A little project I did this year in Lily's honor for Mother's Day was to make handmade cards for some people who the day is bittersweet for... most of them were for mothers who have lost babies and don't have any living children (*still* mothers like me, who hold a special place in my heart... this may be the only Mother's Day card or wishes they'll receive), mothers who do have living children as well as babies in Heaven and I am close with or this was the first year without their little one, a friend who is a birthmother who placed her son for adoption, friends who lost their mothers, and those who always wanted children but are not at the age where they most likely will never have them, and friends who are battling infertility. In Lily's memory, I wanted to send some love and light to these precious people. Card-making is something I got into while I was carrying Lily, so it's a craft that makes me feel close to her. I wish I could send one to everyone I know! #LilysLegacy #handmadewithlove #snailmail πŸ’• 


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