Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Honor Your Baby at the Stillbirth Summit

This is for my loss through stillbirth mama friends...

You can have your baby honored among the stars at the upcoming Stillbirth Summit with the Star Legacy Foundation. Submit your baby's name by clicking HERE. It will be included on a star that will hang from the ceiling (along with Lily Katherine's)! "These stars serve as a poignant reminder to everyone in attendance of the reason we have all come together." All the babies will also be listed in program materials.

You may be interested in attending this event if you can. It's held annually and I know I would like to go eventually! "Meet researchers, parents and advocates from all around the world who share our passion for the prevention of pregnancy and infant loss." Can't you just imagine how powerful it would be to be surrounded by so many people who "get it?!" Even if I cannot be there this year, it's sweet knowing my girl will be included in some small way. ❤️


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