Tuesday, May 2, 2017

When Others Get You

It's been such a precious blessing to my heart to hear of how my grandmother touched other's lives. At her Service, my aunt came over and told me someone wanted to meet me after hearing me share my letter to Bumma. I had spoken some of Lily in my letter and this man asked me what happened to her. He told me he lives across the street from Bumma's and wanted to let me know how he first met her. It was 21 years ago, at a Compassionate Friends meeting. He and his wife lost a baby the same way I lost Lily and my grandparents were some of the first people they met, to help them cling to hope, to believe that life goes on and can be beautiful still. He said he feels an instant connection when he hears of someone else whose been through it and I said I feel the same. It's like you think "that person gets me." I asked him if he wanted a blog card and he said yes. So I hope we stay in touch. I also remembered as he was telling me this that my grandmother mentioned their story to me before. If you are here reading (Ken, I think you said your name is?), hello!


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