Tuesday, May 30, 2017

"Still Loved" Documentary

Still Loved is a new documentary about babyloss.

According to the website: "Still Loved explores the complexity and reality for families surviving babyloss... This is a brave, inclusive and ultimately life affirming film, for anyone that has ever, or will ever, lose someone they love."

I rented it on Vimeo for $5 (for 48 hours) recently and watched it with my mom and sister-in-law. We all agree it is very well done and quite moving. One of my favorite aspects of it is how it shows how this type of loss impacts someone forever. I also like how it shows the big brother who lost 2 brothers to stillbirth and how he visits and decorates their spot.

Not only can the film be rented, but I also saw that it's now available on DVD! I plan on adding this to my collection soon. I appreciate anything that brings awareness, affirms life, and helps give a glimpse into life after babyloss.


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