Wednesday, May 31, 2017

"A Quiet Love"

This song below is called "A Quiet Love" by Caroline Kay Music. She wrote it about babyloss.

Here is what she said about it on her Facebook page: "I wrote this song for (someone who had a miscarriage) on my flight home to Dublin the other day and sent it to her. It is not my attempt at understanding or explaining what she is going through, but when something moves me, I write. Rebecca has asked me to share it in the hopes that other women might appreciate it too."

It reminds me oh so much of my beautiful Lily girl. πŸ’• 🎢 

"A Quiet Love" Lyrics:

"You'll always be with me
Though I never got to know the person you'd be
Your heart knows my heart
But I've loved you from the start

And me, I will be strong
I'll try to heal, and in time I'll go on
But 'til my dying day
Your memory will never be far away

A quiet love
A quiet love
I'll always be listening for
And though I wish the world could hear you
Your quiet is enough
Sleep, my quiet love"


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