Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Bereaved Mother's Day Butterfly Release πŸ’•

Sunday was a beautiful day for a butterfly release!

Thank you to the North Carolina Chapter of the TEARS Foundation for hosting this special event for Bereaved Mother's Day. I had been wishing for some sort of event to gather with fellow bereaved families and mark the day in a special way for years. :)

My family who joined me for the butterfly release... Lily's uncles, auntie, grandmother, mommy, and cousin.

We released ours for Lily Katherine and my Aunt Rachel. Can you spot their names? :) We went around and shared who we were releasing the butterflies for and I told who we are, and who Lily and Rachel are. I shared that my grandmother, Rachel's mother, passed away just 3 weeks ago and I feel it is now my responsibility to always honor Rachel and never forget her. It felt like we were releasing the butterfly for Bumma too, since we shared a love of the little creatures.

We were so touched that they included the grandmothers by giving them their own butterfly.

The little packets that each butterfly came in, with a sweet saying on them. We could hear the butterflies fluttering around.

Harvest waving for cousin Lily and great-aunt Rachel!

About to release our butterflies.

They were Painted Lady butterflies, from the same company where I got mine for Lily's butterfly release a couple years ago!

The flowers that the butterflies were landing on.

With my friend, Ashley.

My butterfly necklace for the butterfly release. And I wore my Lily dress and earrings. :)

The weather was PERFECT! My ideal kind of day... lower 70s with the sun shining, white puffy clouds, and a gentle breeze.

Here is a video of me releasing my butterfly!

My sister-in-law Kala gave both my mom and I a daisy for the day. :)


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