Thursday, June 10, 2010

New Life

A friend of the family shared this with me the weekend of Lily's memorial service:

Bob wrote, "After Tim shared, I thought I'd seen something wonderful around that time too. First flowers of Spring on March 16th." (Lily's birthday)

With the promise of spring, came the promise of Lily. Like the new life all around me bursting forth from the earth, Lily was new life. We wait. We anticipate. Spring and Lily, they came together. Now, spring will always remind me of the time Lily came...and went. Ahh, spring is so bittersweet. Lily came and because of her life, she brought me new life, changing my heart forever. Although she left so soon, I know she has eternal life.

What a sweet and beautiful God we serve, to give me such a glorious promise of life, on the most difficult day I've known.



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