Friday, June 22, 2012

Marching for Babies

On April 28, I marched for babies in the annual March of Dimes walk in Raleigh, NC. The team I was a part of was called Marcellus's Marchers, created by my friends Morgan and Mike, in honor of their sweet son Marcellus Robert. In the fall of 2011, Marcellus lived for twelve days in the NICU, before he unexpectedly lost his battle to NEC. His name means "young warrior," which describes him perfectly. It also describes his mommy and daddy.

There were about twenty people marching for our team, along with thousands of others from other teams (including teams of our friends from our support group). Marcellus's Marchers got second place for most money raised by a family team. It was a bit of a chilly day, but we quickly warmed up with the walk. I forgot to wear my Lily necklace, which made me a little sad, but that's okay.

with Morgan and Mike after the walk

The shirts were so awesome that our team won the award for best family team t-shirt design! Great job designing them, Mike! There were butterflies on the front for each baby the team was walking for, along with the baby's names on the back of the shirts.

the back of my shirt/the team shirts. See Luke and Lily's names on there? :)

Before the walk, we decorated little onesies for our babies.

After the walk, all the team signed one of the onesies.

Before the walk started, they had someone share their story of their preemie baby. They also had a moment of silence for the babies in Heaven. I wasn't expecting to get so emotional, but I did. It just broke my heart to see all those healthy babies there and wonder why mine couldn't be. It just made me wonder how a baby born at less than 24 weeks gestation is now healthy and happy, but my healthy fullterm baby isn't here. I just wish all babies could be here with their families.

Our team (and other teams) marching in the walk.

I love this shot of so many people walking for sweet babies, both those on earth and in Heaven. It was nice to be able to tell people about Lily and hear about their babies as well.

Marcellus's Marcher's team picture.

After the walk, we went with Morgan and Mike to Marcellus's special tree at a local park. We had lunch there (from Lily's Pizza, so it felt like she was a special part of the day). Overall, it was a very sweet day and I am honored that I was a part of it. :)



  1. Love the shirts. Sounds like a very special day!

  2. Looks like a wonderful day! I am so glad you and Morgan have each other to lean on! Go Marecellus Marchers :)

  3. What cool pictures. Love the shirts, they are amazing!

  4. So thankful you, Lily, and Luke were a part of that very special day! And thanks to everyone about the comments on the shirt. As one proud momma I have to say, of course anything w/my boy's sweet, beautiful face on it would win "best t-shirt" :)


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